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Takeoff Tokyo organized “Tokyo Pitch Night” in three cities: Helsinki, Berlin, and Paris in Winter 2023


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Takeoff Tokyo hosted the pitch event “Tokyo Pitch Night” in three European cities: Helsinki, Berlin, and Paris on November 30th, December 4th, and December 5th, respectively. Takeoff Tokyo brings together Japanese startups with global startups and community members. The event encourages international startups to enter the Japanese market by organizing pitch events and providing networking opportunities. JP Startups supported Takeoff Tokyo as the media team. Here, we provide an overview of the event.

Following the first "Takeoff Tokyo" startup conference held in Tokyo in June 2023, "Tokyo Pitch Night" was created from the many requests to bring more international startups and investors to Tokyo, Japan for the annual event. The winning startup at "Tokyo Pitch Night" received an award from the event partners alongside the opportunity to participate in the pitch contest at "Takeoff Tokyo 2024" held in Tokyo on April 10-11, 2024.

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Tokyo Pitch Night Overview

Tokyo Pitch Night in Helsinki

Date & Time: November 30th, 2023, 6pm (GMT+2)
Location: Pikku-Finlandia
Atendees: 200 people

Tokyo Pitch Night in Berlin

Date & Time: December 4th, 2023, 6pm (GMT+1)
Location: betahaus | Kreuzberg
Atendees: 60 people

Tokyo Pitch Night in Paris

Date & Time: December 5th, 2023, 6pm (GMT+1)
Location: Le Wagon Paris
Attendeers: 50 people

Main organizer: Takeoff Tokyo
Main Partner: Tokyo Kiraboshi Financial Group, Inc.
Event Partners
・Shibuya Startup Support
・Le Wagon
・HEC Entrepreneurship Club
・Nordic Innovation House in Tokyo
・Marie-Sakura Hölzle (Berlin)
・Victoria Otter (Paris)

Hisanobu Watanabe (right)

AKITA Won the First Edition in Helsinki

Prateek Singh of AKITA, the winner, and the judges

The first "Tokyo Pitch Night" was held in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. The event, titled "Tokyo Pitch Night in Helsinki," was held at Pikku-Finlandia on November 30th, at 18:00 (Helsinki time).

The first half of the event featured a pitch contest with 10 startups, with AKITA being the winner. Over 200 entrepreneurs and investors attended and networking took place in the second half of the event.

Participating Startups
  • Marionette: Developing and offering AI motion capture technology.
  • Storydrops: Providing a location-based social media app for sharing audio drops exclusively accessible in specific locations.
  • AIATELLA: Developing a service to enhance the evaluation methods for medical images using technology.
  • VGANG: Creating and offering an e-commerce platform focused on vegan and sustainable products.
  • Edge to Edge: Developing and providing compact and affordable data center solutions.
  • AKITA: Creating and providing a next-generation extended organ-on-chip platform, aiming to replace traditional mouse models in pharmaceutical development and research.
  • Galactify: Developing and offering a SaaS solution aiming to enhance business productivity through unique OKRs (Objectives and Key Results).
  • VacuumWoodtech: Developing and offering sustainable construction solutions that achieve environmentally friendly building practices through technology.
  • Macromo: Developing and offering a solution that integrates health-related data, including DNA, blood, and lifestyle factors, to propose optimal lifestyles for individuals.
  • Chie Ito, CEO of FINOLAB Inc.
  • Tomosaku Sohara, Managing Partner at NordicNinja
  • Moaffak Ahmed, Angel Investor in Finland

Berlin Edition: Sunmaxx Claims Victory

Kathleen Gong of Sunmaxx, the winner, pitching

Tokyo Pitch Night in Berlin" was held on December 4 at 6:00 p.m. (Berlin time) at Betahaus | Kreuzberg in Berlin, the capital of Germany. Sunmaxx won the first prize for the pitch among 5 companies. Approximately 50 entrepreneurs, investors, and others attended the event. Five startups gave their pitches in the first half of the event.

Participating Startups
  • MORI: specializes in production in the e-sports and VR domains.
  • Aimee: A social app that guides personal and partner relationships towards desired directions of love and intimacy.
  • Sunmaxx: leads the mechanism of PVT (Production Validation Test) suitable for mass production, and provides development of solar panels.
  • buddyUP: provides a social app where users can share hobbies and interests with others through 3D characters.
  • Sedulur: provides customer support systems for various marketplaces including e-commerce.
  • Tilo Bonneau, Founder and CEO of PIABO
  • Chika Yamamoto, CEO of CROSSBIE

Bufaga Wins Paris Event

Federico Roviglioni of Bufaga, the winner, and the judgesdges

The final event was "Tokyo Pitch Night in Paris" held at Le Wagon Paris on Tuesday, December 5 at 18:00 (Paris time). Over 50 entrepreneurs, investors, and others attended the event. Pitch contests by 6 startups were held in the first half of the event, and Bufaga was the winner.

Participating Startups
  • Bufaga: addresses air pollution issues caused by exhaust emissions by installing its own air purification system in automobiles.
  • swift: specializes in developing and providing delivery robots for medical equipment.
  • αKen Medical: provides safe nanoceranostics for patients' tumors, dedicated to saving lives and improving health conditions.
  • Entre Compétents: offers IT software tailored for experienced engineers in SMEs.
  • STREETMARKETS: enables customers to search and purchase products on its App platform to reduce lost opportunities and wasted effort of both the store and the consumer when it comes to shopping.
  • Jun Saso, MBA candidate at HEC Paris
  • Orhiane Savarese, Events lead at Incubateur HEC Paris
  • Yves Lehmann, Coach at f21

Successful Pitch Event Inspires More

Tokyo Pitch Night in Berlin

Antti Sonninen, CEO of Takeoff Tokyo, noted that the event was originally planned to be a small networking event, but after gathering support from various companies, the event was able to be held as a pitch event in three European cities.

The main event of Takeoff Tokyo, Takeoff Tokyo 2024, will be held on April 10-11, 2024. Applications for the pitch contest, startup booths, and sponsors are accepted at www.takeoff-tokyo.com